Bellanca Aircruiser
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Photo courtesy of Canadian Aviation Museum

The Bellanca Aircruiser (originally the Airbus) was a high wing, single engine aircraft produced by the Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of New Castle, Delaware. The aircraft was designed as a 'work-horse'; and was primarily intended for use as a cargo aircraft.  Bellancas were available in land, ski or floatplane configuration and were commonly powered by either a Wright Cyclone or Pratt and Whitney Hornet engine.

CF-AWR was purchased by Mackenzie Air Service in 1932 and used as a passenger liner between points in Canada's far North. Two years later, the Eldorado Mining Company contracted Mackenzie Air Service to transport uranium concentrate from Port Radium, N.W.T., to Edmonton, the closest rail head, with operations commencing during the winter of 1934-1935. Christened the Eldorado Radium Express, it was the second largest aircraft operating in Canada at the time, and was nicknamed "The Big Bellanca".

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